About VCE

Vindhya College of Education is affiliated to APS University Rewa (M.P.) The institute strives to provide quality education, thereby providing quality Teacher Education, which in turn ensures better productivity and thus a better quality life to the associated people. Hence a better society on the basis of above facts VCE decided to start a programme of Teacher Education which would fulfill the purpose of a teacher preparation to develop in each student his general education and personal culture, his constructive and creative freedom to innovate, to devise appropriate methods of communication, activities relevant to the need, capabilities and the concerns of the community.

Our Mission and Core Values

To provide knowledge, understanding and skills essential for quality teacher educators.
To develop Teacher Education for Excellence.
Pursuit of Knowledge and Perfectness.
Education for development of the Teachers.
Zeal and devotion to Duty, Morality, Social responsibility, and Faith in God and Patriotism.
To assist teachers in understanding theories, principles, techniques and process of teaching-learning.
To help the trainees in understanding the child's abilities, intelligence, aptitudes, emotion, instinct and interest.
To help trainees in organizing, supervising and participating in co-curricular activities for the proper assessment of both scholastic and non-scholastic domain.
Inculcating in them the naturalistic attitudes and encouraging them to cultivate some positive values.
Equipping them with such human qualities as honesty, sincerity, discipline, the sense of responsibility, the spirit of dedication, punctuality and the spirit of self-analysis which are required of a teacher entrusted with the responsibility of making worthy future citizens of the country.